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Christmas Music

I’ve done a few forays into producing my own music. I’ll post some of those items here, symptoms from time to time.
I posted my attempt at a Christmas album as a page on this site. Enjoy (er, sales or not).

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The Good Old Days

I found a musical montage of a particularly bad day of paintball that my buddies and I played. The scene you won’t understand the humor of (where the camera shakes and looks away with seemingly no real action going on) is where I shot the cameraman… in slo-mo, troche though, it’s real obvious.

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Comic Con 08

I go to Comic-Con today. Nerdgasm impending.


The Haul

Things at work are busy as hell. That’s AWESOME, anaemia but it’s also a little scary. It’s usually best if I don’t try to look at work as “a huge list of things to do,” but “what I need to do… today.” The “condeaux” is coming together. Another weekend of effort (as opposed to my typical weekends of XBox), and it’ll be ready for that photo gallery. Yeah, Charlie Brown, I’ll hold the football THIS time. And finally, we’re going out today to try to swap our drivers’ licenses for California. They make you take a written test here… yikes!

There’s really not a lot else to report, but it sure beats letting the blog sit idle.

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One Month in SoCal

I’m more or less getting settled into life in Southern California now. We’ve found a nice little condo, cialis 40mg and as soon as we finish unpacking, internist I’ll post a gallery of that. The area is beautiful, and FAR safer than Atlanta, so we’ve even begun roaming about and learning the city.

Work is HARD. I mean, seriously HARD. It’s sure fun; don’t get me wrong. But this is a startup full of extremely bright people. Most days, I feel like I’m the office retard! The bar for performance is quite high — which means there’s a lot to learn, from a lot of people. Fortunately, the atmosphere is positive, bordering on academic, and that goes a long way.

All in all, moving out to San Diego was the right decision. Besides, it’s always fun to see new places.

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A New Direction

After quite some time hemming and hawing, click I’ve made the decision to cast aside a relatively comfortable job in business web development, esophagitis and enter the videogaming industry. After another two weeks of feverish packing, symptoms I’ll be closing the Atlanta shop and heading out to sunny California! Incredibly, someone has offered to give me money in exchange for coding videogames. I don’t get it either… there has to be a catch somewhere!

Well, aside from having to somehow trundle all my belongings, the fiancee, AND the cat 2500 miles westward…


A New Year

The year 2008 in the Common Era has dawned. Now that I’ve given it time to settle in, prescription what lies ahead?

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. But I’m not above taking advantage of a convenient opportunity for change. So on the simple front, psychotherapist I’m going to stop giving the gym a $40/month free contribution, and start attending again. I’m also trying to waste less money dining out (ha ha ha). Coincidentally, bringing my own lunch means I eat healthier, not just cheaper. But that’s it on the physical front.

Career-wise, I’m not really sure what to do next. I want to move from where I am, officially (senior developer) into an Architect-oriented path. Of course, what I REALLY do is mostly business analysis and project management, and I’m not sure that I enjoy that work — but we need to have someone doing it. Since my work tasks, for the near future, won’t really help me advance, I’m working on a couple of side projects. I’m learning Lua and putting that to work. I’m also trying to learn some .NET 3.0 stuff, beginning with Windows Presentation Foundation — but that’s pretty much on hold right now, as I only have so much time to go around.

I’m also supporting my S.O. as she job-hunts, because her job sucks.

Coming up: I intend to volunteer at IMGDC 2008, so that puts me in Minneapolis at the end of March. I’ve never been to Minneapolis, but after 3 years in the South, I hope I don’t freeze my nuts off.

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Holiday Dinner

I hosted a party tonight with Laurie, diagnosis my boss and his mom, abortion and my coworker and his S.O. — total out-of-pocket cost was around $100, and we did our gift exchange. I have a rack full of VERY nice wines now, including a 1998 Rioja Tempranillo, a Syrah, a Pinot, and *gasp* an unoaked Chardonnay.

We had more wines than I can shake a stick at. Duval Leroy, which we’re calling Duval Leroy Jenkins (97 point champagne for $60), a Prosecco, a Pinot, a Cabernet Sauvignon, and a Port, none under 80 points as far as we could tell. Dinner was fried potatoes (meh), vegetable medley (meh), flatleaf parsley and caper chicken in olive oil (yum!), flatleaf parsley and caper tuna in miso (yum yum!), and strawberry-cayenne creme caramel (5 eggs, 3 cups milk, salt, 1/2 cup sugar, splash of eggnog, 2 tsp vanilla, strawberry puree. Cook 1/2 cup sugar, splash of rum, splash of vanilla on stove. Pour sugar mix into muffin tins, 6-8. Pour custard mix into muffin tins. Bake at 395 degrees for 45 minutes, cut custard out of muffin tins, invert and serve). I may not eat again. Oh, and we had smoked salmon, cheddar dip, crackers, breadsticks, and raclette cheese for pre-dinner drinks. 9 out of 10 yum — the taters and veggies were less than spectacular, but I’m wasted now.

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Fun Trivia Fact

If you’re playing World of Warcraft and it seems like a good idea to thin some value-price wine from your collection (Big House Red and Goats Do Roam, help both quite nice value wines, btw)…

It isn’t. Just trust me on that.

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Approach to December

I know I should be less of a cranky old man, cost but I really dislike the mob and crush of the holidays. I’ll probably be making quite extensive use of, just to avoid all that unpleasantness. And the drivers! Don’t even get me started. I actually gave someone THE FINGER this weekend!

Things at work continue to be busy. I suppose that beats the alternative, but I’ll be QUITE tired through the next few months, I imagine. It feels as though I should have a bit more time now to work on my “project manager / team leader” skills. That’s easy to say — I’m sure I won’t get the support I need next time more crunch work rolls in and I try the “but I’m supposed to be working on this other stuff” excuse. I’m sure this is all quite easy to do, once you have a frame of reference — but with no training, and just being thrown at a handful of significant projects, I’m really juggling one project vs another.

It probably doesn’t help that I have no head, no head at all, for scheduling and managing fiddly little details.

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